Start with a Spatula.
Tactician’s Crown
Start with a Tactician’s Crown (gain +1 team size).
Support Anvil
Start with 1 Support item anvil.
Augments this game will be silver, gold, then prismatic tier.
Augments this game will be prismatic, gold, then silver tier.
Champion Delivery
Twice per stage, gain a high cost champion. The cost increases with game time.
Radiant Blessing
At 40 player health, receive a blessing that contains powerful loot. This occurs at 10 player health in Hyper Roll
Treasure Armory
On stage 4-7, choose a 5-piece package of powerful loot. This occurs on Stage 8-1 in Hyper Roll.
Wandering Trainers
Start with a Training Dummy with 3 permanently attached trait emblems.
Loot Subscription
Every stage, gain random loot from a highly varied pool.
Crab Rave
Dancing Crabs replace PvE encounters and drop bonus loot, but crabs on Stage 5+ are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Grants loot every other stage in Hyper Roll.